Stye Prevention Tips

Practicing good eyelid hygiene is the best way to help prevent getting styes. Here are some easy ways to practice good eyelid hygiene:

  • Always wash your hands thoroughly before touching the skin around your eyes or your eyelids
  • Avoid touching dirty towels to your eyes
  • Do not use old, expired, or contaminated cosmetics – bacteria can grow in old makeup
  • Regularly disinfect and clean contact lenses and make sure hands are cleaned before putting in your contact lenses
  • If you find that you get recurring styes, you should carefully clean off excess oils from around your eyelids. To do this:
    • Put a few drops of baby shampoo into a cup of warm water and stir
    • Using a cotton swab or wash cloth, brush the soapy solution along the base of your eyelashes (keep your eyes closed)
    • Do this for about 30 seconds per eye

If stye problems persist or you notice styes reappearing in the same location talk with your doctor. Many doctors will prescribe antibiotic ointments to help with stye complications.